A Feast and Figaro in Fifth Avenue

A Feast and Figaro in Fifth Avenue

Palm Beach’s favourite foodie fiesta was this year held as part of Bleach* Festival – Feast on Bleach* took over the streets of Palm Beach on Saturday 14 March for a fun-filled evening of street food, live dancing, kids activities and a free performance of OperaQ’s The Adventures of Figaro.

Thousands attended the event, which was a roaring success for the Fifth Avenue precinct, and a great event to kick off the efforts of Palm Beach Promotions.

Audiences of all ages delighted in the Opera, The Adventures of Figaro, which followed the highly entertaining story of the Barber of Saville, played by Jason Barry-Smith, along with a colourful cast of characters who stole the show.

The crowds dined under the stars in a street dining setting, taking in the surrounding atmosphere and all the performances – including the fantastic finale of the Bleach* Festival Fish-out-of-Water! The 10-metre long mullet was expertly maneuvered through the crowd in show-stopping style, before resting to let the local kids have a go at “steering” the Fish.

Thank you to Division 13 Councillor Daphne McDonald and the Bleach* Festival team for working so closely with Palm Beach Promotions to bring such a fantastic event to our community.