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Golden Valley Road, Tallebudgera Valley, Queensland, Australia
0411 964 850

Gold Coast Archery club is the only Fita club located on the Gold Coast, and is situated out of the back of ready creek of Tallebudgera Valley road.

Archery is an old and ancient sport and form of weaponry. Whilst in the modern world Archery is no longer used in battle, it is now becoming a very fast and popular sport. There are now many forms of competition that are available to archers.

Archery is a primarily a solo sport however there are team events that are on offer as well. But nothing challenges you quite like archery, it is a sport that you can personally follow your own progress and aim to the goals that you wish to achieve through your own personal endeavours in the sport.

In Australia there are two major forms of Archery Target and Field. Gold Coast archery club is one of 6 target archery clubs situated throuhout our Queensland, with our main club situated at the Chandler/Belmont Shooting complex to which was fully constucted for the 1984 Commonwealth Games.

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