Kids on 4th gets into Swell spirit

Kids on 4th gets into Swell spirit

Every September, Swell Sculpture Festival brings 10 days of art and larger-than-life sculpture displays to Currumbin Beach. And Kids on 4th Early Learning Centre at Palm Beach celebrates by running their own Kids on 4th Swell Art Expo.

Kids on 4th kids create their own artworks and display them for mums and dads on a very special day. The exhibition is getting bigger by the year and the kids as well as the Educators at Kids on 4th have put in so much effort, this year they are opening up the exhibition to the local community, and combining it with an Open Day at the centre.

This year all of the little artists are using ‘Our Local Community’ as the inspiration for their creations.

The Kids Art Expo and Open Day is happening from 9am to 12pm on Saturday 12 September.

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