Palm Beach Alexa joined team Delta to win The Voice Kids

Palm Beach Alexa joined team Delta to win The Voice Kids

Faces were taut with worry. Eyes wide with the realization this was the moment. Dozens of voices were scaling up and down as singers tried desperately to control their nerves.

Contestants in the Voice Kids Australia TV program (aired on Channel 9 in June and August) were given one minute to impress the judges. Years of study, practice and preparation would either be vindicated or wasted in a 60 second blind audition.

The judges: Mel B, Joel and Benji Madden, and Delta Goodrem listened carefully to each contestant – scribbling notes furiously during each performance.

When the last singer fell silent it was time for their verdict.

Half of the competitors would be sent home. The others would be sorted into one of the judges’ teams.

At the tender age of ten-years Gold Coast girl Alexa Curtis stunned everyone. Her soaring, pitch-perfect voice; clean; swooning delivery; and soft, rounded rhythms had all three judges scrambling to sign her to their team.

Alexa joined team Delta.

After the blind auditions came a series of nerve-wracking knockout rounds. Contestants battled against singers from the other two teams in a series of live performances; with winners progressing and losers leaving the show.

The competition was fierce, the talent prodigious, and the world held its breath with each note.

Alexa Curtis emerged as both the crowd favourite and eventual winner. Alexa demonstrated control and poise beyond her years. She held the crowd spellbound and sang her way into their hearts.

For her efforts Alexa was rewarded with a Universal Music recording contract and the ardent devotion of millions of Australian fans.

Alexa was born on January 4th, 2004. Prior to appearing on The Voice Kids she sang in a production of Oliver! alongside her brother Aidan. She is currently working on her debut single: Playground

All Gold Coasters are enormously proud you of Alexa, well done.

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