Have Your Say on the SEQ Regional Plan

Have Your Say on the SEQ Regional Plan

The State Government is reviewing the South East Queensland Regional Plan. The first statutory regional plan for SEQ came into effect in 2005 and the current 2009-2031 refined and modified the strategic directions, principles and policies of the first statutory plan, in response to changing circumstances and revised population forecasts. From 2006-2031  754,000 additional dwellings will be required to cater for the population growth in SE Queensland and provide housing choices for  a more diverse population.  These issues are addressed:

  • Sustainability climate change
  • Natural Environment
  • Regional landscape
  • Natural resources
  • Rural futures
  • Strong communities
  • Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Compact settlement
  • Employment location
  • Infrastructure
  • Water management
  • Integrated transport

The State is now reviewing the plan and they will commence formal statutory public notification and community consultation on the draft plan from October 2016 to February 2017. Go to the Qld Governments website for more information on the Review of the South East Queensland Regional Plan.


Now is the time for you to think about how you would like to see our area develop in the next 20 years.

  • Do you wish to retain the character of the area
  • Are you concerned about the traffic
  • Do you want more sporting facilities
  • Do you want more open space
  • Do you want to live like sardines
  • Do you want the light rail to run down the Gold Coast Highway through Palm Beach
  • What population do you think the Gold Coast should aim for
  • Do you care for our environment

Please consider this and have your say when consultation opens.