Sushi at Palm Beach

Sushi at Palm Beach

Sushi at Palm Beach is the latest addition to the vibrant dining scene of our seaside town.

Opening its doors in mid-June 2016, the culinary hot spot has proven to be a favourite amongst locals for their fresh and flavour filled menu.

Offering a diverse range of authentic Japanese cuisine, using only the freshest ingredients, Sushi at Palm Beach is the prime spot to grab a quick snack, a light lunch to go, have dinner with friends or family or to even cater your event with a delicious party platter.

We got to have a chat to the owner Claudia, who is thrilled to be serving the Palm Beach community the best of the best.

Q. What makes Sushi at Palm Beach different?

A. We offer contemporary sushi and Japanese food dishes that are served with a modern twist of fresh and exciting concepts. Food quality and freshness are our priorities and we combine traditional and casual Japanese ambience with a modern flair. Our vision is to see our train style sushi restaurant one of the most wanted dining locations in Palm Beach.

 Q. What is the most popular item on your menu?

A. Salty salmon aburi. The locals love it!

Q. What is the number one thing someone visiting Sushi at Palm Beach should try?

A. Teriyaki chicken with our special home-made Teriyaki sauce.

Q. What is the trick to the perfect sushi?

A. Freshness and premium food supplies.

Q. What do you love about being located in Palm Beach?

A. Palm Beach is the Gold Coast’s hidden gem. We are excited to see that there are a number of stylish cafés and restaurants opening in the neighbourhood. We can see that people coming to Palm Beach are in search of quality food with style and Sushi at Palm Beach won’t fail them. We wish to thank the friendly residents who have given us a lot of recognition and support.

For mouth-watering sushi and Japanese cuisine, check out Sushi at Palm Beach for yourself at Shop 9A, Pavilions Palm Beach Shopping Centre, 1102-1112 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach.