Take Your Business to the Next Level with Tailored Media

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Tailored Media

Tailored Media was founded in 1999 by Brendon and Mel Sinclair. Tempted by the perception of long lunches and golf days, it was ultimately the lure of independence and an unshakeable self-belief that they could make a difference that led them into the advertising and marketing industry.

Tell us a bit about what Tailored Media does.

Tailored Media is a full service ad and marketing agency.  We have a team of fifteen, experts in everything from public relations to web development to search engine optimisation to social media to digital advertising to photography to copywriting to billboards to TV to radio to bus advertising – the list goes on.

So we might run your Google AdWords campaign, develop your brochures, do your TV ad, script your radio ads, design your billboard, get you publicity and much more.

We have clients across a huge range of industries, right across Australia and a few overseas.

What makes Tailored Media different?

What makes us different is we can do everything marketing for the client… all from the one business which makes it so easy and cost effective for our clients. Our graphic artists do the logo, then the web developer creates the website and our AdWords team run the Google campaign, whilst our media buyer organises the billboard ad space.

What kind of people should call on the services of Tailored Media?

We generally work with medium and bigger businesses looking for a significant marketing edge – businesses that are ready for growth and keen to invest resources to ensure success.

What do you love about having your business located in Palm Beach?

We are in a vibrant spot at 8th Ave Plaza. There’s a real sense of renewal in Palm Beach, with the significant investment recently really paying dividends. It’s starting to get a real little village feel and the local businesses seem very supportive of each other.

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